Monday, 9 January 2012

It's time for a change...

I've been having my hair cut short for as far back as I can remember...and as much as I love the way that it looks and the things it stands for, I think it's finally time for me to try to grow it. Anyone who knows me well enough will laugh because I'm very impatient and get bored If anything, this will be an experiment, firstly to test myself and secondly to see how hard it actually is to grow your hair when starting pretty much from scratch!

Above is an image of my current hair length, it was taken about half an hour ago actually, and I thought it may be a cool little addition to my blog if I keep you updated on my progress whilst growing it! I'll try out some of the so called 'hair growing' products, and follow any other tips and tricks which apparently make your hair grow faster, like massaging your scalp daily...and we can find out together whether or not any of these 'old wives tales' actually work! I hope you think this is an interesting idea...if anyone else is thinking of growing their hair maybe these updates may be helpful! Wish me luck...oh but if I make it to shoulder length but then it looks awful and doesn't suit me...please don't think any less of me if I cut it all off ;)

What I'm Wearing

Moving on from my newly set challenge, here's what I'm wearing today! As much as I love my old baggy man jumpers, these daintier more feminine knits look lovely tucked into high waisted skirts which is a nice change from a t-shirt or blouse, (much warmer)! I have thick cotton tights on to which are lovely and's bloody freezing today. This jumper is now in the sale by the way if you took a liking to it, £15 bargain! You can get it for yourself HERE.

 Pink & black fluffy skull jumper:
High waisted skirt: American Apparel 
Black cotton tights: H&M
Black flats: £40, Topshop

Ps. Because I changed the name of my blog domain I'm having to start all over again on Bloglovin, sigh.

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