Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Hansel & Gretel: Behind the scenes!

This morning I headed out into some nearby woodland with five friends to do a Hansel and Gretel themed photoshoot! Just before meeting them I popped into Sainsburys and bought lots of sweeties and cakes to use as props - I would have like to have used a lot more obviously if a higher budget and bigger team of people would have allowed it but, I feel pretty happy with the outcome of the photos anyway! I used my favourite person to photograph, Leigh, who looks lovely as a sugar coated Gretel! We hung liquorish from trees and made trails of cake, an overall productive day! I'm going to edit them soon and will have the final images up for you to see later, but until then feel free to click 'read more' to see some behind the scenes action!



  1. These look so good so far, I'm excited to see the rest! xx

  2. aw these pics looks so fun! will be looking out for the final ones you upload

  3. they both look great, i love it!


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