Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A few from a Disposable...

Below are a few images from a disposable camera I had developed the other day. I wasn't impressed with the whole film as many frames were blank even though I can't remember damaging it at all which is strange! Any way, I added some filters to these to make them more interesting...but in the future I really do need to remind myself to be more picky with what I photograph when using's expensive! This reminds me, I really need to learn how to use my Diana f+, I've had it for over a year now and it's just been shut away in a suitcase, a nice suitcase at that. Does anyone own a Diana who could help me!?

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  1. Aw man,

    orange hair + black lipstick + cute rat friend

    so good

    hey, disposable cameras always have fun results -I like the filters you used.

    But yeah, I hear you about paying attention to what you take photographs of -haha it always sucks when you get a roll back and you're like, UHH what was I thinking, I just paid $10 for this???

    MMmm, I don't have a Diana, but I have a friend who has one; you should definitely learn to shoot with it, it's got some cool effects.

  2. I'm obsessed with the rabbit mask!

  3. Cool pics!

  4. Looking FABULOUS as usual bb! The pictures turned out really lovely!

  5. Enchanting photographs!
    I really love the atmosphere and the colours!

  6. Amazing! No doubt that film is way much better than digital! x

  7. I have a Diana F+ and, yes, it's pretty expensive... Almost all my photos develope black and each film (with 12/16 photos) costs something around R$ 24,00 (wich in dollars is U$ 14,00)... So my tip is: Be careful with shooting. Don't go aroung taking pictures of everything you see, there's only once chance!
    Other thing: Be sure the film is corectly inserted. If not, you probably threw away 14 dollars...

    Xoxo Juliette BlackHeat.


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