Monday, 30 January 2012


Good evening beautiful people, I just wanted to let you know that I'm changing my blog a little, don't worry not too much, but I feel as though Fashion your Seatbelts needs a purpose, something which sets it apart from other blogs and makes you readers want to come and visit! I've done some soul searching today and thought about what makes me 'me' and tried to figure out what my blog can offer you - I can't draw and so can't give you beautiful illustrations, I'm not very good at sewing even though I wish I was, and although I enjoy it as a hobby, I'm not the greatest photograher. What is my talent?

I'm good at putting things together. It sounds so simple, but that truly is where my talents lie, I think. I think I can write okay to. But anyway, I like piecing items of clothing together, so styling, and I LOVE bringing together a photoshoot. My goal therefore, is to become a stylist and eventually a creative director, and what better way to start my fashion journey than to use this blog as an outlet of my creative ability!?

From now on then, I promise to start posting more fashion related posts and use my (hopefully) good sense of styling to share with you how I dress and why. I'm sure none of you NEED help in deciding what to wear but sometimes it's just nice to seek inspiration from others! Oh, another thing, I was talking with my tutor today and she pinpointed exactly why I love to read the features in Elle magazine - honesty - and I promise to be honest with you and to tell you what I really think/wear and why. I'm really looking forward to this new challenge!

If you're new to my blog, this is a fresh start after all, then  below are some images of me wearing one of my favourite dresses. It was from Topshop and I bought it when shopping with my Mum to wear on my 20th birthday I think. I always wear it with a waist belt because I feel like I'm wearing a nighty otherwise!

 Dress: Topshop
Shoes: Topshop

I wear this coat WAY too much. It was £2 from a charity shop and it's not as warm as I would like, but it's comfortable and practical! Next winter I'm definitely going to buy myself a sensible warm AND waterproof coat - WITH A HOOD! I also live in this hat when it's cold, it keeps my ears warm and I love the colour.

I love these shoes! 

What is my style? I tend to wear dark things a lot, black, navy, burgundy, this is only since I dyed my hair darker as I now find that bright colours don't suit me. I have a selection of lovely baby blue dresses that used to go so well with my white blonde hair that just look awful on me now, I've had to change my entire style just because of my hair colour! I like high waisted skirts and shorts, I will only wear high waisted skirts and shorts, and always clinch dresses in at the waist.

I'd say my style is a mix of feminine and androgynous, and a collaboration of old and new...if you like the sound of it then please do stick around :)   

Oh also, the rat in my blog header is called Elfin :) 


  1. i love your hat and your hair is so cute

  2. When I saw the first pic I thought that was your hair! I was like, wow! And then I realized it's a hat! Silly me. Haha! Very pretty! :)


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