Sunday, 8 January 2012

DIY Denim Shirt

Firstly, I'm having a bad hair day today so sorry if my hair looks a little like a helmet ;) I stayed at my boyfriend's last night and he'd run out of conditioner! :/ Also, I haven't slept well at all since returning from Devon...I look so tired and feel so groggy...maybe I'll have a bath and hot chocolate tonight and see if that sends me off at a decent time! But anyway, I'm not posting to have a moan, but because my lovely boyfriend gave me a shirt to bleach yesterday! I've wanted to have a go at bleaching a denim shirt for a while now.

I used normal 'Tesco value' household bleach which I think was something like 27p! I poured a decent amount into the bathroom sink and then dunked the shirt into it, swilling it a little to make sure that the bits I wanted bleached were sufficiently covered. My Mum told me to take it out and leave it to dry before washing it, as if you hang it you can create a lovely dripping effect as the remaining bleach seeps down through the rest of the material...but I didn't have anywhere to hang it and so rinsed it in warm water straight away and then put it in the wash. I managed to get bleach EVERYWHERE...I know it's obvious but DO wear old clothes when working with bleach!

I'm really happy with the way the shirt turned out, especially as I made a right mess of it but in my opinion it still looks okay! It's more of a grey than the average blue denim which I think works wonderfully against the now harsh white of the bleached areas! I'm not normally a fan of double denim but it looks great paired with these vintage denim shorts!

I'm still in love with this's pretty much the only piece of jewellery I bother to wear at the moment! It just sits so perfectly under the collar of a shirt or blouse! The lighting in my garden was really strange today as you can probably see in the photos...wherever I stood the sun would be blinding me, obscuring the image or just generally being a pain in the bottom!  

Triangle necklace: £2.50, Young Forever
DIY denim shirt: Boyfriends from Topman
Shorts: £40, Vintage, Rokit
Tights: Topshop, (Primark tights are so much better)
Socks: Primark, a gift
Creepers: £60, Ebay


  1. I love dip dye demin! I have the primark spotty tights but they ripped straight away :(

  2. Trust me they are a mess sometimes. And they were stained blue so I have to keep painting them.. vicious cycle! I have the same problem with smudging I used the Sally hansen Insta-dry and they dried pretty quick :) Ah thank you! I love spotty tights but I didn't want to keep buying them over and over :)

  3. How long did you keep the shirt in bleach for, dear? I must agree, looks really cool! And I think the weird sund actually looks good in the pictures!! :)

  4. Only for about 2 minutes! You can see the denim changing colour so can just take it out when it's faded enough for your liking! :)

  5. I love the shirt, it looks so good! I'm scared of ruining clothes for good and it going wrong if I attempt to bleach them. Wimp. xx

  6. Oh cool! I already saw this DIY on Stylescrapbook, I'm really thinking about doing it myself :)


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