Wednesday, 7 December 2011

What I wore when

Following a good nights sleep, I woke up feeling a little better today and so decided to wear makeup for the first time since Sunday! I still have a tickly cough and am having to dose myself up with medicine and lemsip, but hey atleast I can breath now. After finding poor Twiggy dead this morning I couldn't think of anything better to pick me up than having lunch with a friend. Whats more, my housemate Reese who helped me with the grave made me a bacon sandwhich for breakfast, it's nice to know that people care :)

My dress from AX Paris also showed up in the post this morning which was another positive today, especially as it's absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy with it! When I went to meet my friend for lunch I paired it with my Topshop teddy boy style coat and felt better than I have in days!

I also bought my wine coloured faux fur hat and scarf with me as it was a tad chilly! (It was also rather windy today which was annoying).

Can you over wear a piece of jewellery? I can't get enough of this necklace - the first thing my friend said to me was, "Love the 80's necklace"! to, I just love black and gold together! 

I had my eye on a dress in Topshop which was very similar to this one I got from AX Paris...I'm so glad I didn't get the Topshop design and pay double the price as this one is fabulous! I definitely need more black in my wardrobe.

I think I may wear this dress for Christmas day or New Years Eve...depends what Santa brings me!

Dress: £25 AX Paris (Shop the look HERE)
Triangle necklace: £2.50 Young Forever (Shop HERE
Faux fur hat: £22 Topshop
Vintage Scarf: Charming Magpies
Coat: £85 Topshop
Socks: £1.50 Primark
Flats: £40 Topshop

My boyfriend, his house mates and I are having an early Christmas this evening before we all go home for Christmas. We're having Roast dinner, exchanging presents, watching Gremlins (which I haven't seen yet), and playing monopoly! Yay! I'm so excited to give Craig his present!



  1. Absolutely love this outfit. Really wanted that coat a while ago but I couldn't afford it :( its gorgeous though x

  2. this coat is so perfect. la coupe!!!

  3. WOW, you are wonderful. Great style! I follow you, of course!


  4. oh, this dress looks way prettier on you than on the AX paris model :) I love it, so perfect for christmas time ♥

  5. I love the dress and coat and the 3 colour combination. The colour of the coat it's great! I would love something like that!x

  6. i just love your style!!!

  7. this dress is gorgeous, glad to hear you're starting to feel a little better :) x


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