Thursday, 1 December 2011

What I Wore When

You know those days where everything just seems to go wrong...? My pet ratty is ill, (currently snuggling in my jumper after a trip to the vets), I didn't make it into work as planned, nor did I get any uni work done. I have not enjoyed today. BUT life goes on and at least I have tomorrow to look forward to as I've been invited to attend the Artrocker awards event at XOYO. There's also an after party which you can find details of HERE. Still have no idea what I'm going to wear...but here's what I'm wearing today:

What I'm Wearing

If you haven't noticed already...this is my favourite blouse...and I do like this cardigan as the colour is very striking! I apologise for all of the lens effects I keep using by the way, may not be everyone's cuppa' tea, but I really like the way they can brighten up an image during these drab winter days.

Blouse: Vintage 
Cardigan: Vintage, bought from a friend
Moleskin trousers: Charity shop
Navy suede flats: Next 




  1. Oh no, poor Twiggy :( Send her my love and let me know how she is.

    Have fun tomorrow in London! XOYO is one of my favourite venues in London, I think you'll like it there xx

  2. Give your rat my warmest regards! <3 I hope she's okay.
    Those trousers are RAAAAAD. That blouse is perfect on you.

  3. sorry to hear of the rat's illness :(. Hope things look brighter tomorrow.


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