Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Sale Shopping

Today I headed in to Plymouth city center for my first, (and probably last), browse of the sales. I also tried on a pair of Dr Martens and decided that firstly I definitely need a pair and that secondly, I need a 5 rather than my normal 6, but it was so busy that I'm just going to wait and treat myself to them when I get my student loan in January! I've been trying to work out recently actually whether I've been wearing my shoes too big! I know that sounds absurd but I honestly thought I was a six...yet all of my heels are a five, (otherwise my feet slip too much), I fit into my Mum's size 5 Chelsea boots and now I need a size 5 DM's. Do I just wear my brogues too large!? Maybe I'm an awkward 5.5! Does anyone else have this shoe size confusion?

Anyway I just wanted to show you what I bought in the sale today - it's not much because I'm having to be sensible as I want to save and travel a little after uni! My first stop was H&M in which I found a pair of simple black skinny trousers for just £5. They're really comfortable and practical. 

 £5 H&M

I don't usually bother with Bershka as it really isn't my cup of tea, however today I went in on the off chance that they had a decent pair of black skinny jeans in the sale and ended up finding this lovely jumper! I love the sparkly, almost eighties style and the material feels absolutely divine! It's so comfortable and I feel like it can be worn both casually with a pair of jeans and also dressed up with a high waisted skirt or something. I can't wait to wear it out!

 £12.99 Bershka

I also looked in Topshop, New Look, Zara and River Island but unfortunately didn't find anything that took my fancy. I headed out of the mall and over to Debenhams as I was in dire need of a new black bra! Not only did I get myself a lovely new bra in the sale but I also stumbled across this delightful dress which was just £10! It reminds me of a Dahlia design. (Sorry I couldn't get a full photo, I'll get my boyfriend to get a snap of me in it properly when I'm home!)

I did also find a beautiful pair of wedged court shoes which had bows on the front but they were still £30...which is money that I could put towards my Dr Martens instead. I still feel heartbroken that I left them behind - they looked so so good! :(
 £10, Debenhams

Last night my best friend Ria popped over with her boyfriend Dan so we could have a catch up and exchange presents before I go home. We usually get each other tea related things - (we even have matching tea loving tattoos)! This year she got me loads of little bits and bobs which was exciting but my two favourite gifts were these delightful kitsch items: a teapot purse and a little owl decoration! I have no idea why but I'm absolutely in love with the owl decoration, it's so cute...I think I might try and make another one!



  1. Doc Marten's come up huge! Mine are a 5 and have to wear 2 pairs of socks to make them fit, so I'm getting a size 4 for my next pair. My size 5 creepers are too big too sadly :'( I'm a 4.5 and I know how awkward being a half size can be because no one caters for half sizes anymore.

    That jumper is lovely and that dress looks pretty from what I can see of it. Have you chosen what you're wearing for NYE yet? xx

  2. So beautiful dresses!!! And cute purse<3

  3. looks like you have more of a successful sale experience than me.. is it me or are the sales shocking this year? Beautiful buys though!

  4. Oh my god your mention of student loan there made my stomach flip a little.. soo excited!
    Also, I just posted today and have the same bother with shoes! How strange. But I am exactly the same! I often have to get size 5 and painfully wear them in for a good few weeks; if I get size 6 then they are far too baggy after a few weeks.. It's a horrendous ordeal buying shoes. There are often many refunds taking place

  5. some great purchases, I love the jumper! :)

  6. love the second blouse, happy holidays!!

  7. Ohh, I am completely obsessed over the nautical dress you bought! <3 <3 <3 I can never resist a pan collar - they are the best ever

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  8. Docs truly are so lovely...I nearly died when I got mine! ^_____^

  9. I found the same thing with DMs, I had to get a size down and there's still loads of room in them. They are really stiff when they're new too, but they're so nice!
    Those black skinny trousers are amazing for £5!


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