Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Fashionable Life

More old photos, I promise I'll stop now! I just can't help but feel fascinated by all of the old fashions I used to wear even as a child! Above is a photo of a five year old me, (give or take), on a scooter - very 'Mod' don't you think!?

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Working both the animal and floral trends in one look!

80's style


This was actually my Spice Girl phase...guess which spice girl was my favorite! I used to wear my hair like this most of the time, thinking that I looked like Baby! When I was a little older I also remember owning a pair of super cool platform trainers, another trend set by the cheesy 90's girl band.

When I was nine I went through a MASSIVE tomboy stage and wanted to be a boy! This is a photo of me on one of my first days of school - I actually look like a boy! Looking back at this I'm quite tempted to get it cut like this again...the bowl. 

My memory card is broken and so I can't show you a photo of what I'm wearing today...but I can tell you that it's a Cure tee with a vintage brown cardigan and a pair of grey jeans :) I'll buy a new memory card later! My family home is like a zoo. We have a dog, three rats, a lizard and a guinea pig.


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  1. I BEGGED my mum for platform trainers! They were so hideous but I thought they were the best thing ever. x


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