Monday, 12 December 2011

INSPIRATIONAL WORK: Iris Bjork Photography

Makeup: Erna Hrund Hermannsdóttir
Model: Una Björg Bjarnadóttir

Icelandic born Iris Bjork is a London based fashion photographer and stylist currently studying at LCF. I love finding fashion photography that's new, exciting and creative - something that I haven't seen before! I'll be honest with you I like it to be a bit weird and wonderful and I feel as though Iris achieves this in her work, I hope you like it to. 

 Make up, styling & photo : Iris
Models: Edda Óskarsdóttir, Vera Hilmarsdóttir og Úlfar Logason
Hair: Katrín Sif

Models: Helgi Omarsson, Giannina Antonnette Oteto and Edda Óskarsdóttir
Makeup: Harpa Finnsdóttir & Iris
Styling: Diljá Hilmarsdóttir

 Hair, make up & photo: Iris
Model: Liv Elisabet Friðriksdóttir
Styling: Diljá Hilmarsdóttir

Makeup and styling: Erna Hrund Hermannsdóttir
Model: Alma Gytha Huntingdon-Williams

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  1. oOOooh I LOVE some of these shots, the ginger girl is amazing and those puffer jackets!
    xxx Love your taste ;)

  2. great post! i love the second & third photo so much!! thanks for sharing :))



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