Thursday, 29 December 2011

Bye Bye Devon

Tomorrow I'll be leaving my family in Devon which makes me very sad. I've had such a lovely and relaxing time down here over Christmas and I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to going back to my old busy life or not...maybe a little. I miss my clothes and room.

Another good thing about heading back up to Southampton is that I'll get to be reunited with my boyfriend who I think I've started to miss now...just a little ;) I'm traveling up on the train to Somerset tomorrow to stay with him and his family for a night before we head up to Southampton together on Saturday morning. Yep I'm traveling on New Years Eve, how hectic it will be when I get home and all I'll want to do is cuddle my bed and find places for all of my new Christmas gifts...but instead I'll have to get ready to go out! Nevermind...I still don't even know what I'm wearing 0_o

It's my parent's anniversary today - 16 years married! I got them a card and simply couldn't resist this wall sign because it's so sweet! Whilst in town I also did a quick routine scan of the charity shops and found a bag for new years eve and also a velvet shirt!



I'm going to pack Mr Mac now and so won't be posting again until next year! I hope you all have a wonderful new years eve filled with friends, family and fun! Thank you all so much for making my blogging experience of 2011 so exciting...see you in the new year xx


  1. Happy new year! Hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for the pic of the winnie the pooh quote, so sweet!

  2. i love that winnie the pooh quote, it's so cute! xx sylvie

  3. gorgeous shirt!!! nice blog :)

    Happy New Year, xoxoxo

  4. Love your new header picture btw! And I love that bag, its so cute! Have a great New Years!

    Kirsti xx

  5. have a good new years!!

  6. Love the bag + Shirt.
    YourStyle is very cool.


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