Friday, 16 December 2011

8 Days: DIY Christmas Angels

It's only 8 days until Christmas and today I traveled the tedious 4 hours down to Devon to spend the holidays with my family. It feels wonderful to be back in the countryside and I feel more Christmassy than ever being in my family home, surrounded by Christmas decorations and the fresh air! I'm looking forward to dog walks, charity shop shopping, stuffing my face with delicious food and catching up on sleep! In order to spread the Christmas spirit, I will be counting down the days till Christmas with festive posts each day!

Today I want to show you how to make these simple yet effective angel decorations! They also look lovely as necklace pendants!

You will need some gold thread, (or any metallic colours you may have at hand), some angel wing beads, some prism crystals and some octagon crystals - that's it! All can be found online however if you want the bits quicker so that you can make them ready for this Christmas then head to a crafts shop!   

First, thread the gold thread through the top of the prism crystal.

Then thread on the angel wings and octagon shape crystal before tying a knot in the top so that it will hand on a tree or around a neck!

The decoration looks great like this but if you wish you can add a further, smaller octagon crystal on top to look like a little halo! I hope you like it! My Mum showed me, I think it's such a cute idea, especially if you're looking for classic style Christmas decorations.

PS. Here are a few Christmassy images...



  1. I would of thought you had bought them! They are so lovely! x

  2. that decoration is gorgeous! ur so talented@

    Glass of Fashion

  3. These are so cute! I'm glad you're being festive and creative whilst at home xx

  4. i love those christmas angels. they are beautiful! found your blog through style marmalade! :) x

  5. that decoration is sooo pretty!! :D Xx

  6. you have a way with the camera that truly is of wonder & is awe inspiring! your christmas angel is elegantly beautiful.


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