Thursday, 22 December 2011

2 DAYS: DIY Christmas Bunting

Last night after a friendly game of Pokemon monopoly, Mum and I stayed up making Christmas bunting to hang in our living room.

You will need:

A selection of Christmas material
A piece of thick ribbon or trim
A trianlge template
Thread of your choice

To begin, use your triangle template to cut around, folding the material so that you get two triangles of material at a time. Once you have a good amount of triangle pairs, (depends how long you want the bunting to be), sew them together with a straight stitch and then pin them all onto the piece of ribbon or trim in the order that you want them.

Sew it all together and wallah!



  1. This is gorgeous! It's so sweet and festive, you've really made me want to try it now
    Happy Holidays

    Le Bibliotheque

  2. I really like the fabrics you chose! Great tutorial too - I want to make one now :)

  3. Such a sweet idea and it looks awesome! :)

    Kirsti xx

  4. That turned out really nicely! Love the colours you used. I also like your plaid shirt.

    Loulou Downtown


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