Thursday, 3 November 2011

Wish List

I'm posting this to half remind myself that I need to buy these two items and half share with you what's going on in my head! I am in great need of a pair of black skinny jeans. For too long now I've been making do with black leggings or wearing a colour jean that doesn't quite go with the rest of the outfit...well, enough is enough! I'm buying these simple beauties as soon as I next get paid! (Or probably even sooner). I think everyone should have a pair in their wardrobe...I'm not quite sure why I haven't.


Also, after recently writing a post about Dr Martens boots for Artrocker, I've been craving a big pair of bulky, masculine Dr Martens to wear with tights and skinny jeans.  I think I'm going to buy a pair around Christmas time, bet they're super in the snow!

Dr Martens

I'm just about to head out to Winchester for the charity fashion show I'm taking part in. I'll post some images later if I get any...wish me luck!


  1. I agree about the black jeans bit. I hardly wear pants, but I have black jeans. I would kill for a pair of docs at the moment. Ahhh. No wonder I am broke.

  2. this is a good reminder! I need a pair of black skinnies too, the ones i have are so fade off!!!

    And good luckkk! with the fashion show ;)



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