Thursday, 17 November 2011

Winchester Christmas Lights

This evening I went to Winchester to see the Christmas lights being turned on! It's a lovely, quaint little place any way and so with the sparkling lights and happy atmosphere it was simply adorable! I really love Winchester actually...maybe I'd like to live there one day.

We went for a pub tea, (I had scampi and chips), and my boyfriend bought me this absolutely DELICIOUS 'winter edition' cider by Rekorderlig. It was apple, cinnamon and vanilla flavor, yum divine - will definitely be getting a few bottles for Christmas day!

I found this jumper, (my favourite vintage jumper), half in, half out of my rats cage. Elfin, the baby, had decided to turn it into bedding for herself! It has holes ALL OVER it...on the front...both sleeves...but the most obvious is on the lower back as shown below. Luckily I still think it's wearable, just, if worn in a kind of grunge style! Cheeky rat!

Vintage jumper: Beatnik Emporium, (customised by Elfin the rat)
Faux fur hat: New Look
Jeans: £10 Topshop sale AGES ago
Black creepers: £60 ebay


  1. The christmas lights are quiet pretty aswell in some area of Liverpool, I love to hang around when the night comes up, well at 4pm :)
    I absolutly love your jumper!

  2. Creeeepers! You are the queen of massive jumpers! I love it! I always love the lighting of the lights here, but it won't happen for a while. The jumper actually looks kind of cool with the rat tears! I like it!

  3. awesome! i love rekorderlig!!

  4. It looks so pretty! And I'm curious to try that cider, it sounds deliciously festive! xx

  5. i love winchester, it looks so pretty


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