Thursday, 10 November 2011

What I wore When

Yesterday was a long and strange day. I arrived at my University at 8.55am without the slightest clue as to where my coach, classmates or course leader were and stood on my own like a lemon for about 15 minutes honestly thinking they'd left to go to London without me! Eventually though they showed and the four of us got onto a coach with people we didn't know to go and cover Dannii Minogue receiving an honorary degree in media from our University.

I will get the photos from the day up as soon as I have the go ahead from my course leader who may want to use them for something else...until then you can have an outfit post of what I wore to such a formal event...please note, the formal part I was not informed of!

I wore a casual vintage jumper with grey skinny jeans and burgundy heels. I was assigned photographer for the day and so wanted to be comfortable, yet didn't want to look like a slob so threw on a pair of heels!

Vintage jumper: £15 Beatnik Emporium
Grey skinny jeans: £10 Topshop sale
Heeled boots: New Look
Faux fur hat: £22 Topshop
Vintage scarf: £8 Charming Magpies
Bicycle bag: £15 Urban Outfitters sale
Faux fur gloves: Primark

It was all in all a good, interesting day, I met some lovely people and got some good snaps! Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to be involved with such things again in the future!^_^  


  1. Love those shoes!!

  2. love that hat♥it looks like warm!
    thank you for your comment:)


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