Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What I wore when

Today I had uni and the weather was mild...not warm...not cold. It was cloudy and so I decided to brighten things up a little with this bright green vintage cardigan which I bought from a friend a while ago. This hat is like my baby at the moment, I don't ever want to be apart from it! It's warm therefore practical, it hides my awful bed hair AND its colour is divine! I also really enjoy these tights, I need to go and buy some more so that I can replace these when they ladder! 

How great is this t-shirt!? My boyfriend and I found it last winter when we visited London. It was tucked away in the men's section of Bershka down Oxford street! I borrowed it from him today cos he said it looked good with the rest of my outfit:) I love being able to borrow men's clothing and make it work in a feminine way...it's like having two wardrobes!

Hat £22 Topshop
Fox t-shirt Bershka Mens
Scarf Topshop
Cardigan Vintage
Shorts £40 Rokit renewal
Tights Primark
Ankle socks H&M
Shoes Next

I am also wearing a new nail varnish today which I got from Barry M last week in aid of Halloween/just because I wanted it ;) I've seen this delightfully sparkly red nail varnish before and have each time felt the urge to go and buy it but just never got around to it! I'm so happy that I finally did cos it's so pretty I want to look at it all the time. It's like having Christmas on your nails...very festive!

First I put a base coat of red on, (luckily Barry M were doing deal on their nail varnishes!), and after letting that dry I added a layer of the good stuff! After letting that dry again I added a coat of clear nail varnish from the Natural Collection just to give it a bit more protection. I must say it's worked, I've been wearing it for over 24-hours now and it's still pretty much perfect with no chips, (A personal record)!

 mmm shiny...




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  2. Love the shoes so much! and the shirt. Definite new follower xo

  3. nice steal from the boy! If I wore my boys t shirts it would have to be as a dress, he's a foot taller than me :/
    Belle du Brighton

  4. cute top!


  5. you´ve got such a cool style!! Love everything about this outfit!


  6. You are just to adorable :) love the thights and hat :)


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