Monday, 28 November 2011

Long VS Short

When I was 15-years-old I took a photo I'd found on myspace into the hairdressers and asked for a similar style. My hair was just past shoulder length and dirty blonde - the girl in the image had a short, choppy bob with all of her hair pushed forward into a large side fringe covering half of her face. I returned home with a pixie cut and pretty much NO fringe - inevitably, I was devastated.

6 years later at the age of 21, my hair still hasn't reached past shoulder length, yet I can't work out what it is that keeps me from growing it - maybe it's the easy upkeep that keeps me hooked? It takes me about a minute with the hairdryer to dry my mini do and I never get a face full of hair sticking to my lip gloss on blustery days. Whats more, I quite like the androgynous look. It takes us back to the days of Mod girls in the 60's, or the gender bending skin head girls who played around with ideas of feminism.

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At least once a week I'll see someone with beautifully long hair and envy them, wishing I had long hair so that I could look 'pretty' to. But then, I guess I don't really do 'pretty', I would get bored of 'pretty' really easily. Short hair is edgier and can change your look completely. Take Emma Watson for example, she certainly wasn't a style icon until she cut all of her hair off into a sophisticated, smooth pixie chop!

Emma Watson for Vogue December 2010

Carey Mulligan and Michelle Williams are also working the short hair trend at the moment....I just don't think they'd be the same without it, it gives them a certain cuteness. 

Carey Mulligan for Vogue US October 2010

Michelle Williams for Elle December 2011

Cutting your hair short can be a personal taste thing or a statement. Sometimes it's good to go against the norm and mix things up a bit...okay so media and society say that women should have long some of us cut it! If you do have long hair then I completely envy you, but for now at least I think I'll stick with my easy, edgy short style as I just simply DO NOT have the patience to grow it!


  1. I love Twiggy's style. It' such a big decision to cut your hair short - I did too when I was much younger and regretted it, now I have really long hair.
    Great post, really enjoyed it :)

  2. I feel exactly the same way! Now and then I'll notice girls with long hair and I'm like "I'm totally gonna grow my hair and be a pretty girl too" - but I never do. Short hair, I feel like, is still something that can set you apart. It's beautiful rather than pretty.

  3. I absolutely love short hair, but personally I don't think being "pretty" should only be reserved for girls that have long hair! Short hair is just gorgeous too.


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