Monday, 21 November 2011

The Girl who turned in to a Rabbit

Earlier today I headed out to a small woodland area near to where I live with one of my favourite people to photograph, Leigh from Fox Tales. Influenced by Alice in Wonderland and the likes of Lissy Elle, (as seen a few posts below), I wanted to create a very dreamlike, fantasy feel...I'm pretty pleased with the results to be honest considering it was just a test shoot!^_^

The dress is the models own, the bow detail shoes are mine from Topshop, (but the heel has broken boo), and I bought this bunny head from Beatnik Emporium this morning. Hope you like them x

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  1. I LOVE THIS !! My favourit is the nr 3! its soo good

  2. These looks amazing! Saw a peak preview on her blog but the full set looks great xx


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