Saturday, 5 November 2011


Well, that didn't take long for me to forget to do my Friday favourites post!:( I'm sorry, I had a very strange day yesterday so here it is instead a day I'll be telling you about ten television programmes that I like to watch!

1. Gossip Girl 
Kind of guilty pleasure but Gossip Girl is genius! Not only do you envy their lifestyle; endless amounts of money, parties, holidays...but their set wardrobe is enough to get any girl hooked!

2. The Vampire Diaries 
This is a one off example of where the moving image version is actually better than the original books! Based on novels by L.J Smith, The Vampire diaries contains the perfect amount of fantasy, teenage romance, drama and violence. Also something very unusual, the series simply keeps getting better and better as it goes on!

3. Derren Brown
This refers to ALL of Derren's tv shows/series...he is amazing. I'm yet to watch the most recent of his 'experiments' series actually so shall have to watch that later whilst I eat lunch. He's intelligent, (incredibly so), entertaining and just incredible. I try to see all of his live shows, love him. 

4. Parks and Recreation
Where to start? This American TV show is hilarious - in a strange way. Filmed in the style of a hand held camera, as if they're being followed by a camera crew, Parks and Recreation delves deep into the lives of those working for the local 'Pawnee' government. The characters are loveable and weird creating an overall pleasant viewing experience with much laughter!

5. Peep show
Perhaps a little 'laddish', but still this English comedy is witty, laugh out loud and lovable! This reminds me, I need to buy season 7!

6. Ugly Betty 
Following the life of a 'geeky' girl from the rough end of New York, Queens, who gets a job at a prestigious fashion magazine, Ugly Betty is funny with heartfelt moments for tears as well. Watch this if you're interested in fashion :)

7. The Mighty Boosh
Focussing on two very different characters, an East London eccentric, and a sensible lover of Jazz, The Mighty Boosh is silly, funny and damn right childish - in a good way! Watch this if you aren't afraid of a little weirdness, are a fan of Noel Fielding, or need cheering up.  

8. The (American) Office
This could be compared to Parks and Recreation which I mentioned before as it's shot in a similar if by a TV crew who're documenting the lives of the people at a paper company. The main feature of this show is how the boss is 'an idiot' and how the others in the office react to this. Definitely worth a watch for laugh out loud moments.

9. Flight of the Conchords
Two clueless friends from New Zealand move to New York to start a band. This programme is funny, lovable and something a bit different so definitely give it a go...although it may not be everyone's cup of tea!

10. Scrubs
 EVERYONE loves Scrubs, don't they!? Hilariously weird and funny, with the lovable JD as the main character throughout most seasons, it's hard not to enjoy this show. Although...I will admit I've overdone it a little now as I've seen it too often perhaps! 

So that concludes my TV show list, let me know if you have any other recommendations for me! Have a nice weekend everyone...I'm going to be spending mine doing uni work and working at Tesco :/

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