Friday, 11 November 2011


It's Friday, which means it's time for one of my 'top 10' posts! Today I've decided to look at music and so here are 10 of my favourite bands, enjoy x

1. Drop dead, Gorgeous
I first discovered this band when I was 17 I believe...and thinking back to it I don't even remember the first time I ever listened to them! I've seen them only once before and they were incredible - I'm there when they next come to the UK!  

2. The Smiths
Believe it or not I wasn't a fan of the Smiths OR Morrissey's solo stuff when I was first forced to listen to it, in fact I recall saying that it was 'boring'. Well, I sincerely take that back. Morrissey's vocals are beautiful, I could listen to his voice forever...both The Smiths and Morrissey are my most played on iTunes!

3. The Dykeenies
Stunning, simply stunning.

4. The Devil wears Prada
May be unexpected for me to like this band but they're bloody beautiful. They give me the shivers, the good kind!

5. The Used
I was SO obsessed with this band, they were all I listened to for a few years! I saw them at a taste of Chaos tour when I was 15 and cried:P 

6. Finch
Again, another band that I was obsessed with when I was quite a lot younger...about 14. The first time I ever heard one of their songs was when I was watching Kerrang TV.

7. Joy Division 

8. Passion Pit
I love listening to these guys when I'm getting ready to go out, it's so happy and summery!

9. Does it Offend you, Yeah?
I love the song below, so so much. DIOYY are my favorite band to dance to when I'm out!

10. We are Scientists 
I'll just say that I WAS going to put Frankmusik I did love his music for a long time. But then he got signed and changed his style drastically - not in a good way. And so instead, We are scientists get number 10. I love this song also.

It's been so hard to choose just 10 bands! Obviously I could have Everything Everything, Yeasayer, Underoath, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic zeros...BUT I only wanted to do top 10 otherwise I'd get carried away!

Hope you've enjoyed this very out of place music post! :)


  1. Ahh! I love The Smiths/Moz and Joy Division. Woop woop.

  2. I love almost all except for BMTH, I like them but not so much.
    I know that feeling about the smiths the first time that you listen them but then all is love.

  3. i love the dykeenies they went to my high school <3

  4. Your blog is so awesome! love it))
    Follow you now, dear! Maybe you can follow me back?))


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