Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Fashion Dreams

 Image by Iris Bjork

On entering this nameless charity shop, (where are we by the way, and how did we get here?), I immediately see an olive green high neckline dress, "my Mum will love this", I think as I turn to point it out to her. Suddenly she's with me, she loves it and tells me she's going to buy it - it's £6 but looks brand new.

I see a black battered vintage satchel and pick it up, instantly in love and then head over to the coats, as I always tend to do. It's my lucky day! I pick up an excellent condition barbour jacket, (which was a brown wax jacket just a second ago), and see that it's Burberry! "I'm definitely buying this"...and then I woke up.

Fashion dreams are weird, and now I really want that black satchel.

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