Saturday, 8 October 2011


I've had a stressful/busy few days, and so it has only just occurred to me that I'd forgotten to do this. Sadly my pet rat, Pixie Caroline died on Thursday 6th October 2011 from what we can only assume was old age. 

I never realised just how much such a little thing would effect me, but after all, lots of little things in life that effect us every day and shape us the people that we are!

Pixie was an amazing rat and friend. She could be a pain in the bum but that's what made her who she was and gave her that massive personality that I loved! I am devastated that she's gone and my last few days with her were so sad, I hated to see her such out of character :( I just hope that she wasn't in pain and that I wasn't annoying her too much with all of my fussing!

She will never be forgotten, she was so so special to me.

 Goodbye Pixie, I love you x x x 

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