Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Orange Lipstick

I received this orange lipstick in the post this morning. I bought it from ebay for £2.50 for an orange themed birthday party that I have coming up! I also got another parcel...but I can't tell you what it was because it's a Christmas present! (That's right, I've started already) Every year I leave my Christmas shopping until the last minute and end up with no money and so this year I started early whilst my loan was still floating about ^_^

This is the colour that the lipstick came up. Please do excuse the wide-angle shot, ha ha very funny! To be honest I would have liked it a little more orange/crazy but I'm sure it will look brighter anyway when paired with the bright orange bob that I've ordered! Off to uni now for a day filled with erm, learning...

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  1. orange lipstick! im a big devoted fan!





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