Saturday, 22 October 2011 order

I placed an order with on Thursday and it's already here! (I have by the way realised that I do get a lot of I order too much online? My housemate Helena gets just as much but still...maybe I should slow down with the money spending!) On opening the package I was instantly impressed with the amount of care that had clearly gone into preparing my order. Everything was wrapped and folded neatly and I even got a free shopper!

As well as my items I also bought a gift for a friend, so I wont post an image of that on here or say what it was! For myself I bought two pairs of socks by Pamela Mann, they were a really good price and I wanted them to wear with skirts and dresses. I also got a pair of leggings which have lovely detail on them - they'll be great this winter worn with boots! I chose to get a size larger than normal however as my bottom is a little larger proportioned to my top half and they're a little baggy:/ Do you think I can get away with them still!? (See image below) They're really comfy ^_^

My final purchase was the adorable little peter pan collar dress from Max C which you can buy HERE. It's a lovely design however possibly a little long to be worn out so I think it will be used as a day dress. I may even wear it on Christmas day as again I got a size up so it's nice and loose and comfortable! (I really should start buying clothes my size). I will get a post of me wearing it up soon so you can see what I mean about the length. 

All in all I'm a happy customer :)

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