Sunday, 30 October 2011

Marie Antoinette costume!

Firstly, Happy Halloween everyone! (For tomorrow). This year I decided to dress as Marie Antoinette as I've had a small obsession with her look since watching the film based on her! Wildfox also did a gorgeous look book shot on the grounds of Versaille, (which I've been to by the way), absolutely beautiful!

I bought this wig from some online fancy dress shop for £22. To be honest I was a little disappointed with the quality considering the price but it seems to be the best Marie Antoinette wig out there - I don't have a lot of hair to work with so a wig was obviously necessary! The pearl drop necklace and matching earrings are what my Mum wore on her wedding day 16 years ago :)  

Dress: Lipsy
Tights: Primark 
Black frill socks: Primark 
Boots: F&F

I had a great night. We went to a nightclub called Lennons which is hands down the best club in Southampton and is MASSIVELY underrated! My friend Leigh had an amazing costume, I just wanted to take photos of her all night! She went as the Black Swan...

We had an evening filled with much dancing, photo-taking and alcohol, (Ergh feeling that today). I'm already thinking of dress-up ideas for next do Christmas though...eeeee!



  1. I like your makeup

  2. Your costume is great! Love the lashes you used!

  3. So cool outfits? Your make-up is amazing!

  4. You both look so cute! I adore your outfits! xx


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