Monday, 10 October 2011

Faux Fur @

Good morning everyone! I have a day off of work and University today and so am spending it relaxing with my best friend Ria, lovely. If the weather perks up we may take a trip to Salisbury later as neither of us have been there and it looks pretty! We're on the prowl for some quirky little vintage shops or boutiques!

Just wanted to share some fashion finds with you and enlighten you to the fabulous range of faux fur available on - although fur isn't a particularly prominent trend of the season, (certainly not in comparison to last year), it is good to throw it into your wardrobe here and there. Adding a faux fur collar, hat or gloves can make an outfit, and everyone needs at least one faux fur coat to go with their skinny jeans and brogues.  

I LOVE this leopard print hat, I have the same but in grey and also in wine. The colour of the coat pretty much sums up Autumn for me - a lovely burnt burgundy colour; they also have a weird yet wonderful duck egg colour which would make an extreme statement! Last but not least, these fabulous little faux fur mittens are a must have for the cold months to come...they make me think of walking through the snow at Christmas time!!!^_^    

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