Thursday, 27 October 2011

The Dykeenies Live @ Talking heads, Southampton

Just got back from seeing The Dykeenies for the third time and they were as inspiring as ever! I first listened to them when I was 16-years-old and was instantly in love. A year later my friend Ruth and I went to London for the weekend and whilst there went to Underage Fest, a really friendly and atmospheric festival actually, it's a shame I'm too old to go now! It was there that I saw them for the first time and tonight's performance brought back lovely memories from that weekend...gosh I miss being young!

My second time seeing them was in Exeter at the Cavern when I was 18, that's three years ago now and I still love them them! Anyway I'm rambling...back to tonight's performance...

On walking in to the venue, (Talking heads), my first thought was how quiet it was considering THE DYKEENIES were playing. It did pick up after the support band, who were actually rather enjoyable by the way, but I still feel like The Dykeenies deserve a packed out venue every time they perform as they are exquisite.

When he sings I get that feeling you get after a couple of drinks ;) That feeling where you feel as though you don't have a care in the world, it's great. I just realised how cheesy that sounded but I don't even care cos they truly are amazing! The atmosphere was great and I even treated myself to a cheeky pear cider. Everyone was dancing and enjoying themselves - though there was a group of typical young drunk teenage girls swooning over the lead singer and turning 'enjoying' into 'annoying' but hey, we were all there once...weren't we?

What I wore 

As we left it was heavily raining and so I threw on one of Craig's massive coats over the top of my legging and blouse combination. These boots always remind me of Peter Pan. 

Blouse: Next (Black slip worn underneath) 
Coat: New Look mens
Leggings: Primark 
Boots: Asos (A gift from last Christmas)

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  1. Nice outfit! I really like see trough shirts, this colour is awesome!



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