Tuesday, 30 August 2011

It has been too long since I last blogged...

Life has been very mundane recently, hence my lack of interesting blog posts. I do apologise and fingers crossed September shall see more exciting days!!^_^ 

Things to look forward to in September: 

1. Interning with designer Kylie Malcolm
2. Interning with PPQ
3. My 21st birthday
4. HOPEFULLY assisting a stylist...(I wont say who as not to jinx my chances of getting past an interview!!)  

This summer has gone so fast and i'm sure September will wizz by also as already I've already filled up my iCal! Just a bit fed up of my repetitive routine - I need to break out of it and 'get out there'...interning as much as possible.

Next week I'm going to visit my family in Devon which will be lovely, I left the cameras my Grandad gave me there so I will be able to pick those up and start playing! There's so many things I want to do but I just never get around to doing them or simply dont have the time or patience:/
Things I would like to do:

1. Write a book (Fantasy of course)
2. Learn how to use my Diana F+
3. Learn how to sew
4. Get another work placement...

...the list goes on. 
I just watched 'The Pianist'. It was very sad but also very good...think Schindler's list but following the experience of the jew more so than the good hearted German.

Furthermore, I am currently reading 'Incubus' by Carol Goodman and so far I am impressed! I'll let you know my overall verdict when I've finished it!

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