Saturday, 23 July 2011

New shoes AND new hair.

So yesterday I went shopping with my Mum who's visiting and not only did I buy new boots and a sewing machine, (YAY), but I also got some brown hair dye...scary stuff for a bleach blonde!! 

So, here are my new boots...and this is my new hair. Hope you like them both!!

New look £25



  1. Ahh I love them!
    Where on earth did you get these lovely boots?

  2. I need those shoes in my life, like now.
    Love the hair too! I wish I was brave to go short!

  3. i love your style, this fur is very very gorgeous, love it <3
    also all photos`re so amazing !!! i will visit here again =))) i fall in love with your photos <3

    kisses SHIKI.


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