Friday, 3 June 2011

Work experience with Look week 1

My first week interning with Look magazine is over, leaving just one week, next week, to go:)

I'm not the most confident person in London - growing up in a village in Devon may do that to you - but I feel i've come a long way in the past 4 days. I was so nervous on my first day about finding the building and starting my placement etc...but there really was nothing to worry about. 

Working in the office is lots of fun! The building is beautiful and it's just generally pleasant to be there...I get to look at clothes all day!

Accompanying my days of sifting through clothes to return, was a day out on location at a studio called snap. Again, I worried myself sick the night before, convinced that I wouldn't be able to find it or would get lost in a rough area and get mugged - gosh I really do worry too much. 

Rather than getting lost however, I found the tube easy peasy, something that didn't used to come so naturally to me, and I found the studio straight away which resulted in my being 40 minutes early!! KEEN!

The shoot was for Look's 'Highstreet hottest' section and starred the beautiful Cecile sinclair who was absolutely charming. It was a wonderful experience; an environment that I would definitely like to work in in the future! Though as fun as organising the clothes for the shoot was...being an intern is frustrating cos you have no creative input whatsoever!! Ah, one day!

Weaving through people whilst navigating my way out of Waterloo station feels so natural to me now that returning to slow, scummy Southampton feels alien. Working at Look has definitely given me the drive to seek out further internships...let's see how next week goes!!


  1. oh wow, good luck. This sounds so amazing, and I'm so so glad you're enjoying it! :)

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