Monday, 27 June 2011

Glastonbury 2011!!!

Although a little put off by the 3 hour queue in the pouring rain with my, (as I then discovered), non-waterproof jacket and heavy rucksack, I must admit that I was not disappointed by my first Glastonbury experience!

Wednesday and Thursday were spent exploring as the bands didn't start until Friday. Obviously then we spent the first day at the Brothers bar!!!...where we successfully got drunker than anyone should be at 3 in the afternoon. Strawberry cider at its best.

On Thursday we headed up to the healing fields area which was lovely, very relaxing. We also walked up to the hill where the Glastonbury sign sits so we could get a view of the whole of Glastonbury festival!

 In the evening we headed up to Avalon to watch Mad Dog Mcrea who effortlessly entertained a tent full of fans and started the festival off with exciting enthusiasm. Everyone was singing and dancing and generally having a damn good time despite the crappy weather and sticky mud!

For me the highlight of the week was Morrissey who was bloody brilliant! He played a lot of my favourite songs, his voice was perfect and the entire crowd alongside myself enjoyed every second. 

Other bands that I particularly enjoyed were Everything Everything who never fail to wow me, City & Colour, Crystal fighters, Chemical brothers and a small band I stumbled across when seeking shelter from the rain called Molotov Jukebox.

Sunday was the best day as when the rain cleared the atmosphere changed dramatically and Worthy farm was transformed from a swamp into a wonderland. After watching bands all day we headed to shangrila which was wonderfully weird and up to the hill again for one last look over Glastonbury festival before we left. 

 I will be posting the photos from my disposables tomorrow^^

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  1. you lucky girl! wish i were at glastonbury. hope t'll be possible to cheer myself up with reading festival :p


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