Saturday, 19 March 2011

An Evening Away

Yesterday I went to London to visit my Dad. In the evening he, his girlfriend Michelle, her friend Jo and me went to eat at a restaurant called 'Indali Lounge' which offers healthy Indian food by using alternative ingredients such as yoghurt instead of cream. The atmosphere was lovely, the service was excellent - we were given a glass of water each, a selection of poppadoms and dips and a soup dish all for free before our starters. 

Despite being low fat, the food was delicious and so were the drinks! I had two cocktails: a watermelon mojito and an apple mojito...yum yum!

Following our meal we went in search of a pub or bar to continue our evening and ended up stumbling across an 'old man pub' as I would call was small with a friendly atmosphere and it LITERALLY was an old man pub with a small group of old men and women stood in the corner around a piano singing!! Very surreal. 

When the bar stopped serving we moved on to an apparently well known prestigious bar/club, (which I can't remember the name of), which was nice. HOWEVER - why does everywhere around the posh area of London close to early!? We were back at the flat by 1am because EVERYWHERE was closed! The bar man described the area as 'too poncey' and suggested Soho...buuut we couldn't be bothered!

The next morning we got up early and ate bacon sandwiches before going to Borough market

I didn't even know such a market existed! I walked around with a glass of champagne and tried things such as mushroom pate and all sorts of cheeses: very exciting! 

After a long walk in the sun along South bank I left my dad and co and walked over to Somerset House to meet Leigh and her friend from the 'Pick Me Up' exhibition. From there we walked to Costa and sat with warm food and drinks waiting for our coach home. 

As always, it was lovely to get away from Southampton for the weekend and I saw some lovely parts of London:)

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