Thursday, 24 June 2010

FINLAND - The Journey/Day 1

My train to London Waterloo wasn't until 8.55 in the evening therefore I got up at a decent time and spent my day leisurely; meeting a friend for lunch, reading Harry Potter, and packing.

I felt sad leaving my room and walking to the station. I know I would be back in only a week but even so, everytime I leave Southampton I feel as though I am leaving a tiny piece of myself behind. Moreover, for the majority of my journeys made to the trainstation I am accompanied by my boyfriend. Unfortunately he had already left Southampton and returned to Somerset ready for Glastonbury festival, and so I start my adventure to Finland alone. At Waterloo I am greeted by a friendly face - Sophia, my Auntie and friend, joins me on my journey. It is 11.00pm.

Three tube rides, one train and one coach later we finally reach Stansted ariport. It is now 3.00am.

I don't take Sophia's suggestion that we sleep on the airport floor seriously until we enter Standsted and I see countless exhausted bodies littering the edges of the airport. At about 4.00am I reluctantly get down onto the cold, hard floor, rest my head on my bag and close my eyes. I wake up about an hour later light headed and with a dead arm.

I'll be honest, I am not a keen flyer, and once on the plane at 7.00am I silently beg myself to fall asleep before the take off, but anticipation keeps me awake, (and the uncomfortable Ryanair seats), and so I sit wide awake...waiting. I manage about an hour and a half of disturbed sleep on the plane before opening my eyes to the welcoming sight of Finland: Lakes and Forests galore.

I am writing this at half past eight, (Finnish time), after a sleepy day of looking around the city Tampere and then travelling a further two hours to the oldest town in Finland, Rauma, where my Dad lives. Their flat is lovely. Despite being old it's interior is cute and modern.

 So far, Finland has made a good first impression.

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