Monday, 28 June 2010

Day 7 (Last day/Midsummers day)

 I am writing this from my room back in Southampton. On my last night we went to a party which was put on by the German company my Dad works with. At the party we had a BBQ and drank free alcohol, (pear cider) and then got a taxi into the town centre where we went out to the one and only night club in Rauma, 'Apollo' was an experience!

There was something about it that made it obviously not English. It may have been the way people dressed...people were not so 'dressed up' and there were some very strange 'looks' going on! The music was BAD...almost Oceana'esque' with the odd Finnish song thrown in! Although a bit out of my comfort zone I enjoyed being amidst so many different nationalities and spoke to German's, Fins and also a few people from Sweden. 

Overall my experience of Finland was a good one:) I am tempted to go back in the winter to see what it's like there with all the snow! (Ice fishing, Husky sledge rides etc). I am particularly interested in going further up north in Finland to Lapland where the Northern Lights can be seen in on clear nights.

The music scene interested me, as did their fashion. Rock music is very popular over there and so is the gothic/rock/punk look! This may be, and probably is, connected to the long dark winters.


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